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* "Dreams" McDonalds commercial

*Recently I had the honor recording two of the most  iconic 
tv theme songs "The Jefferson's" and  "All In The Family" promo for its live recording.
on Fox.  My water literally broke recording the last few notes.  I will never forget this one. 
*  I loved TGIF on ABC when i was younger,
well they brought it back, and I am lucky 
enough to be singing the Promo!!!!
my dad would have been proud!

* Hi everyone, I am singing on a few McDonalds TV
commercials...the new McPick 2! Great way to start the year!

*  McDonald's has been very good to me,,,listen out for me
   singing in the following commercials.
-  McDonlad's  Sweet tart Lemonade 
-  Mcdonald's 250 Winter value deal
-  Mcdonald's All Day Everyday Breakfast Menu
-  Hotcakes
-  Bacon egg and cheese
-  Hasbrowns
-  Egg McMuffin
*  Check out Bridget on the BattleBots promo on ABC.
* Bridget excited to be is singing on the new
   Summer Value commercial for McDonalds.
*  Check out Bridget and the band in Elisa's
Pagina Bianca music video.
*  Bridget is singing on Conair commercials.  Infiniti Pro 
secret curl.  Also Conair 3Q styler hair dryer.
* Check out Bridget singing backup for Elisa
   on the L'Anima Vola Tour DVD.

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