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 *December 2023...Milano,,,,,,,you were amazing!! Your energy and love was unmatched!  Grazie  I sang with My Favorite artist Elisa,  Buon Natale anche a te!  TV Canale 5 link:

*  Hope you guys are awesome!!! So much going on this month.  Ive been on tour in Italy with Elisa Toffoli! Back with my Family again, and it has been AMAZING!  I get to sing with one of my favorite singers in the world!  Please Come check us out,,,the dates are posted!!!  

*  In October 27th I have an appearance on NETFLIX Family Reunion!!! The finally season!!!! I truly loved making music for this show! Can't believe this is the last season!

*  JG and The BC kids.  A cartoon written by the mother of all mothers Janet Hubert (The Fresh Prince Of Belair).  I had the pleasure of singing on this show!!!! Im so excited,,coming out soon.

*  Loved recording Vocals  on Nickelodeons that girl LAYLAY!!!  

*  Honored to sing the theme song for The-Sit, now streaming on Peacock.  Harry Belafonte we love you!!
*  Family Reunion season 2 is just around the corner, don't forget to tune in!
*  Ive recently sang the promo for ABc's Goodtimes live.
*Recently I had the honor recording two of the most  iconic Tv theme songs "The Jefferson's" and  "All In The Family" promo for its live recording.
on Fox.  My water literally broke recording the last few notes.  I will never forget this one. 


*  So excited to be apart the music score for the new tv showed called Family Reunion, premiers July 10 on Netflix :). I had a blast recording 8 episodes, and helping out the theme song

*  I had the pleasure of singing on the Graham Norton show.  Man,  talk about being nervous having to sing in front of Lady GAGA,,,,ahhhhh!!!  Rod was amazing, wonderful time! 
* Aslo I had so much fun recording the new TGIF Promo!  Check it out on ABC!

my dad would have been proud!
* feeling beyond blessed to be featured on Rod Stewart's first single "Didn't I" off of his newest album Blood Red Roses to be release this September 2018

*  Hello all!  about to embark on another, yes another world tour with Sir Rod Stewart.  We will literally be all over the globe in 2018, really hope to see you there.  

*  Last September,  I was so blessed to
grace the stage with Elisa to celebrate her 20 years of music in Verona Italy at the Arena Di Verona.  It was magical and emotional being on stage with my old bandmates

*  I  have the honor of being a part of the team at Volition Sound Branding!  Check it out!

* Hey guys! This has been an incredible year!  thank you for all of your support, you have been a blast. I have been Globe trotting from Morocco to Italy, Texas,Vegas, Abu Dhabi,,pretty much everywhere this past summer,and honestly your energy was amazing! Cyndi Lauper and Rod Lit up the stage,,,what a wonderful group of people.  Cant wait to do it again.  

*  What a crowd!!!!  We've been touring in the UK since guys are rocking!!!  almost time for Christmas,,,this girl is going to Disney World!!!!

*  We had a great Tour thanks to YOU!! Your energy was magic, and we had a blast!  See you in Las Vegas in August!!!!!  :)

*  Getting ready for our European tour,,,,how many pairs of shoes can a girl pack? lol see you soon.
*  Vegas was amazing!  So nice performing with the gang again!  

* 2016 I will be touring with Rod Stewart again!!Super
excited, hopefully I will see you there!!! :)
* Hi everyone, I am singing on a few McDonalds TV commercials...the new McPick 2! Great way to start 2016!
*  Bridget had the honor of recording background
vocals on a few of Rod Stewarts albums.  Go out and
buy the Christmas album,,it's awesome. :)
* McDonald's has been very good to me,,,listen out for me singing in the following commercials.
-  McDonlad's  Sweet tart Lemonade 
-  Mcdonald's 250 Winter value deal
-  Mcdonald's All Day Everyday     -  Breakfast Menu
-  Hotcakes
-  Bacon egg and cheese
-  Hasbrowns
-  Egg McMuffin
*  Check out Bridget on the BattleBots promo on ABC.
* Bridget excited to be is singing on the new
   Summer Value commercial for McDonalds.
*  Check out Bridget and the band in Elisa's
Pagina Bianca music video.
*  Bridget is singing on Conair commercials.  Infiniti Pro 
secret curl.  Also Conair 3Q styler hair dryer.
* Check out Bridget singing backup for Elisa
   on the L'Anima Vola Tour DVD.
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